Price for a Glass Partition

Price for glass partition

Today it’s not unusual to see a glass partition in the modern office. The benefits of light and space enhance the working experience.


Staff trends are modern and business has moved forward to a more open environment. Your expectations from your office and workforce are high, therefore to provide a modern, clean and efficient space to work in is paramount.


Prices of Glass Partitions

Our prices are based on a per linear meter cost and include labour.

Partition Glass Doors from £650.00 plus VAT per door
Partition Glass from £477.00 plus VAT per linear meter



Typical price for glass partition:

Room divide is 4 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height with one self closing door with 1500mm ‘T’ handles
Cost per meter of Glass and channels including Installation (3.1 linear meters of glass)£1480.00 + VAT
Cost for door and accessories (0.9 linear meters of glass) £650.00 + VAT

Total Cost is just £2130.00 Plus VAT

The above included any survey required, fixings, channels, 12mm toughened glass, joint strips, all labour, travel costs, manifestation and final adjustments plus any waste away.




Glass Installation Cost Comparison

We continually look at the value of our products and services compared to other similar companies that provide glass partitions and installations.

We compared Three companies against ours using the above typical installation for the Start of February 2015


  • A London glass installation company
  • A Bristol Glass Installation Company
  • An online Installation company ( currently first in a google search)


The London Glass Partition company was polite and fair with quote and lead times but the cost was Just over £890 for a free swing glass door and overall cost was  based on 3.1 meters was £691.00 per linear meters. Addidional travel costs would be added but it would be unfair to add for this exercise.


A company offering Partitions in Bristol was just slightly cheaper at £740 per door and £520 per linear meter for glass, good communication.


The online retailer of glass Partitions came in at good value of £2421.32 but with terms and conditions which without doubt add to the original quoted price.

Two of the retailers asked about Variables including:

  • Location
  • Floor and Ceilings
  • Working height i.e 1st floor, 2nd floor the installation is required
  • Type of glass
  • Manifestation

There were other questions raised about site / office conditions etc, but information was general enough to provide a fair comparison.



On conclusion  we are ultra competitive on both supply and installation.
We understand that sometimes it’s not all about the low cost as service is equally important, punctuality and back up or service aftercare.

We like to win on Both accounts!



For any more information we can be contacted below or on our contact page.

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