Servicing, Repairs and Add-on’s

As a service, once our installation team has finished a glass install we can offer an Ad-hoc maintenance program.


Glass Damage and Breakages

For instance unfortunately, if you have an accident with a glass panel and it breaks, we are happy to come out and replace the glass and restore the partition it to original condition.
We can also clear the glass up if needed, put up a temporary panel and make the area safe. This is not exclusive to our customers, we offer this to anyone who needs the service.



We can work with insurance companies in the event of broken or damaged panels and can help with the process to make it a little easier on your staff resources.


Changes of Configurations

If you wanted to change the door configuration, for a fee we can transfer doors from one location to another.


Adding to partitions.

When your business grows or the office configuration changes, additional glass partition walls may be required. We are able to seamlessly add to the original panels of glass if required.
We can match glass heights, doors, fixing channels, manifestation so it should not be a problem with your office layout currently.


Other aftercare services:

  • General door and lock servicing
  • Re-manifestation or changes
  • Replacement glass
  • Scratches to glass
  • Removal of glass and partitions i.e. tenanted properties


For any more information we can be contacted below or on our contact page.

Office: 01225 667137
FAX: 01225 667670